Davines in the Sun

If you follow us on Facebook, then you know about our Davines in the Sun contest. If you don’t, then here’s what you would have seen:   We can’t help ourselves!!! LIKE this photo and we will enter you in to WIN this summer bag filled with our Davines Sea Salt Spray, SU Wash (hair… Read more »

Green Circle Salons

Lumina is going green! To be more specific, we’ve joined the greencircle salons movement. What does that mean for us? A better salon environment and a better global environment. We are committed to recycling 85-95% of our waste materials. This includes hair, foils, colour tubes, chemicals, aerosol cans, plastic, paper, glass and even compost. There’s… Read more »

Peace Arch insert

Check out this week’s Peace Arch insert for the Lumina contribution. In the magazine called “Traditional Christmas Favourites,” turn to page 64 and you will see our staff wishing you Happy Holidays. You will also find a great recipe for Cranberry Pecan Bars. If you can’t wait to see our smiling faces (or make the seasonal treat),… Read more »


Our first ever Black Friday event! 15% off ALL products on November 29. Create your own Davines gift box with the purchase of three products at 15% off. Purchase a gift card and Lumina will add to it: $50 card and we add $10; $100 card and we add $20; $150 card and we add $30.  


Davines is here and we are so pleased that it is. It’s not just the eco-friendly nature of their products (though we really, really like that). And it’s not just their mission statement: “Our aim is to inspire and improve the work life quality of worldwide beauty professionals through concepts, products and services that will… Read more »

Look what we can do!

Have you seen these pictures on our Facebook page? I’m so proud of our stylists.

Mother’s Day Makeover Contest

Call us sentimental, but we think Mother’s Day is pretty special. It has to be because mothers, themselves, are pretty special. We say this as mothers and as people who have mothers. All of which is a lead-in to our latest event: Mother’s Day Makeover Contest. There is no cost to enter and the mother… Read more »

Youngblood Cosmetics

Lumina is now offering Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Why makeup? It’s part of the look we advocate at the salon. Our credo is “You Are Beautiful!” Makeup complements the beauty of your cut, colour and style. Why select Youngblood? Because Youngblood contributes to the health of your skin; lesser cosmetics can hurt your complexion. Mineral makeup… Read more »

Mirror Awards Winner

Well, we didn’t win the Mirror Award for BC. Congratulations to Suki’s who took the prize. Still, it’s quite something to be nominated in the same company. Suki’s has been around since 1972 (Lumina since 2012) and has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellent work. We think we’re off to a pretty good start, so no tears for us (okay,… Read more »

What a Year!

2012 was amazing. We conceived the idea of Lumina and opened in June. And in just a few short months, we grew to an amazing staff of ten, an exciting business, in an exciting place. Here are a few highlights: Stephanie and Jennifer cautiously broaching the idea. Stephanie and Jennifer embracing the idea. Finding a… Read more »