What a Year!

2012 was amazing. We conceived the idea of Lumina and opened in June. And in just a few short months, we grew to an amazing staff of ten, an exciting business, in an exciting place. Here are a few highlights: Stephanie and Jennifer cautiously broaching the idea. Stephanie and Jennifer embracing the idea. Finding a location. Designs – thank you, Bill. Choosing a name. Hiring staff – we always knew we wanted Ashley and Holly! The whir of renovation equipment, especially Rod (contractor extraordinaire) digging through concrete. Buying, buying, buying – thank you, Addy! Jennifer’s introduction to the beauty industry via Tabatha! Music – thank you, Stephen! Opening party! More staff – we love you! Clients old and new – we love you! The icing on the cake – Christmas party at the Washington Avenue Grill. Yay, peanut butter pie!